Jimmy Collins studied film under award-winning filmmakers Ross McElwee and Robb Moss at Harvard University, where he received a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies in 2007. At Harvard, Jimmy made several films, including Giant Slice, a documentary about an irreverent, life-changing road trip around United States.

Jimmy was one of four American scholars awarded the first-ever Fulbright/mtvU Fellowship in 2007, which brought him to South Africa to orchestrate a project involving music education and filmmaking in the South African townships. His blog during this year abroad featured videos and photos from around South Africa and was presented by mtvU, MTV's university network.  

After completing his Fulbright Fellowhship in South Africa, Jimmy embarked on a year-long journey around the world, filming in far-flung places,from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to East Timor and Colombia. During this journey, he forged a relationship with Youth for Human Rights International, becoming the organization's world tour documentarian.

Since returning to the United States, Jimmy has worked on video projects for numerous artists, bands, and companies, including Dell, Samsung, Tourism Australia, Pandora, Current TV, Chick Corea, My Morning Jacket, and X Japan. He won a Juno Award in 2011 for his work with the band Broken Social Scene and launched Bronson Island, a web show hosted by Danny Masterson in 2012. Jimmy established Man At Large in 2010. In addition to directing, jimmy is passionate about product design and has released several quality fashion products under his label, collins brand.